Matthew Lew faculty biography Matt giving a talk at Ringberg Castle Azimuthal polarization filtering for accurate, precise, and robust single-molecule localization microscopy Matthew D. Lew and W. E. Moerner, June 2014 Matthew Lew Dissertation Defense
July 2015: I have joined the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis as an Assistant Professor. Postdoc and graduate student positions are available. Interested applicants can contact me via the information below. Read
January 2015: I gave an invited talk "Accurate nanoscale imaging of dipole-like emitters" at Stefan Hell's group retreat at Ringberg Castle, Germany.
November 2014: Our article "Azimuthal polarization filtering for accurate, precise, and robust single-molecule localization microscopy" is published in Nano Lett. Read
October 2014: My PhD advisor, W. E. Moerner, along with Eric Betzig and Stefan W. Hell, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy." Read
September 2014: I successfully defended my dissertation, "Engineering New Capabilities into Optical Microscopes: Toward Measuring the Three-Dimensional Position and Orientation of Single Molecules in Living Cells".

I develop cutting-edge imaging technologies for visualizing the intricate dynamic behaviors of biomolecules in living organisms.

I work across the fields of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule spectroscopy, molecular imaging, and biophotonics. My research focuses on combining novel molecular and nanoparticle tags with modern optical designs and sophisticated image processing algorithms to create new imaging technologies for bioscience and medical applications.